Local cheeses from happy cows! Everything from classic cheddar to Pepper Jeff to beer infused cheeses.


Americans like cheddar so much that in 1989, a group of Oregon cheesemakers made a block weighing 65,850 lbs. We still don't think that's enough!

Aged Cheddar
Cheddar has been produced since the 12th century. This Cheddar isn't quite that old!

Dragon Udder Cheddar
We dumped Dragon's Gate's Porter into a vat of our cheddar, because that makes it gourmet!

Habanero Cheddar

Our cheddar with shredded habanero peppers ​mixed in.

Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard

Cheddar base with a healthy smathering of WW sweet onion mustard.

Smoked Cheddar
We took cheddar, the most popular cheese in America, then set it on fire. Almost.

Smoked Cheddar with Peppercorn
Smoked cheddar with peppercorns mixed in. Complex and mysterious, like our ideal date.

Smoked Cheddar With Bacon

Our cheddar with the whole, smoked hog.


Walla Walla White
A Monterey Jack cheese without the frills of a Pepper Jack, this cheese has the confidence to stand alone.

Pepper Jeff
Jack who? We don't have a Jack, but we have a Jeff . . .

Sir Jack

Our Jack cheese with a healthy dose of Sriracha mixed in!

Cilantro & Jalapeño Jack

Jack with shredded jalapeños and a dash of cilantro tossed in.

Drunken Dragon

A jack style cheese with Dragon's Gate Porter mixed in. No, it won't get you drunk, but we won't stop you from trying.


A Dutch Yellow cheese with a natural wash rind. It's a Goud-a-one!

Our Gouda with added chiles and green jalapeños.

Garlic Gouda

Will make your breath extra nice!

Sweet Treat

With fenugreek – an herb in the pea family that gives our gouda a subtle maple flavor.

Tipsy Jersey
Gouda style base washed in Belgian tripel beer from Dragon's Gate Brewery. It may not be socially acceptable for you to bathe in beer, but at least your cheese can!

Smoked Gouda

Creamy meets smokey.

Smoked Garlic Gouda

That creamy, garlic gouda with a hint of smoke.


A Danish cheese known for its buttery taste. Rhymes with "a party" which is probably not a coincidence.

Caraway Havarti

Dried caraway seeds compliment our havarti with a sharp rhye, anise flavor. Love it or hate it, we think it's delish!

Havarti with Dill
We took our buttery havarti and added some dill, because we had some on hand and we're out of control.

Blue to You

Not a true blue, but with blueberries! The berries give this cheese a funky flavor reminiscent of moldy cheese.

Smoked Havarti
A Danish cheese known for its buttery taste, coupled with the only kind of smoking that's good for you.

Pesto Havarti

Havarti with pesto!

Sun-Dried Tomato Havarti

Havarti with Sun-Dried Tomatoes!


Cheddar Curds
You'll have to get your whey elsewhere. 

Mad Curds
Our cheddar curds with habanero pepper flakes.

Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard Curds
Cheddar curds with a smathering of WW sweet onion mustard!

Dill Curds
Our cheddar curds with dill.

Drunken Curds
Cheddar curds soaked in Dragon's Gate porter.


This Greek cheese is made for grilling! Pop it on a hot pan or grill with some olive oil and listen to it sizzle. Tastes like a grilled cheese all in one slice.

Queso Fresco

A Mexican cheese that is, as the name suggests, best when it is super fresh! Crumbly and mild.

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